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Teen Who Bathed In Michigan Wendy's Speaks Out

(CNN) - A 19-year-old Michigan man is speaking out after his antics in a Wendy's restaurant went viral and cost him his job.

By now, the video of Paul Kash in a Wendy's kitchen sink in Greenville has made it to almost every corner of the internet.

Turning life for the 19-year-old into a whirlwind of internet notoriety and rumor.

"I am Paul Kash and I'm the Wendy's bath kid," said Kash. "I like to see other people happy and it just kinda hurts the soul to think people don't like me much."

Kash posted the video to his Tik Tok after a friend shot it during a slow Sunday shift at the restaurant.

"It was like hey this might be funny, and I was like okay," he said.

Just trying to make his co-workers laugh, he says he didn't realize at the time the repercussions that would follow.

"But the next day my manager found it and immediately went to them talking about if I was going to be suspended or fired. I fell asleep at like 6 pm, took a nap, woke up at like 11 to my friend calling me saying hey you're on the news and I was like, what," said Kash.

Pretty soon the video was everywhere.

"I heard a lot of rumors where people were like oh my gosh you got fired, you got fired? Then they called me and said I was fired. I was like, I guess so," he said.

But he doesn't hold it against the restaurant.

"I still think they have the best nuggets out of any fast food place," he said.

The day after the video was shared, the Montcalm County Health Department investigated but no citations were issued.

"I was like ok its calming down and then just it didn't. The first place I went like I said I received death threats," he said.

But Kash has decided to make the most out of a bad situation, crediting his father with helping him through it.

"He's been telling me just keep it up. If you look at it as positive outcome, you're going to receive a positive outcome. And if you just sit there and look at all these messages and just think oh maybe these people are right, maybe I'm such a bad person, you're not going to be able to live your life like you wanted," said Kash.

And despite the barrage of negative comments he`s so far received.

"I'm trying to make the best of it, looking at career options, trying to better myself. I can guarantee you, right now, it was probably the dumbest mistake I've ever made. But I would like to see half those people's dumbest mistakes they've ever made," he said.

And to answer the question everyone who sees the video seems to have, "I wasn't naked. Let me tell you that. I had shorts on!" he said.

Kash is now looking at starting a career in either broadcasting or entertainment.

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