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Police: Teen Ripped Out Elderly Relative's Eyes

ROCHESTER, Minn. (CBSLocal) - A Minnesota teen has been arrested after police say he tore out his elderly relative's eyes with his bare hands.

Mahad Aziz, 18, was taken into custody on July 27 after Rochester police were called to his family's apartment. Officers reportedly found Aziz on top of his 74-year-old relative, who had already been severely beaten and was missing both eyes.

"Other than murder, it's as bad as it gets," said Captain John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department, via Southern Minnesota Today. Police say the teen's victim had also lost several teeth in the attack. The eyes were reportedly not found in the apartment following Aziz's arrest.

"You lose your eyes ... there's no replacement," Sherwin added, via USA Today.

Aziz was taken for a mental evaluation before being transported to jail on a charge of first-degree assault. He reportedly had to be taken back to a local hospital later after trying to rip his own eyes out.

Police are still trying to figure out what prompted the vicious attack.

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