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Taylor Decker's Girlfriend Is Hotter Than Yours

By: Evan Jankens

For whatever reason, professional athletes who play sports in Detroit really have some of the most gorgeous girls in the world as their significant others.

Think about it for a moment. Justin Verlander is dating one of the world's top super models in Kate Upton. Henrik Zetterberg's wife Emma Andersson is a Swedish model and TV host.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly has been one of the more vocal wives in Detroit sports, and she always has Matthew's back.

And now this: The Lions newest player is first round draft choice Taylor Decker. Decker's girlfriend, who was with him when the Lions announced him to the media, Bryn Toyama is absolutely beautiful. Toyama has already made a name for herself as she has been featured on multiple sports blogs before the NFL Draft.

Decker has posted multiple photos of himself and his lovely girlfriend on his Instagram page. He sure does look proud.

Judging from her posts, I don't think that Toyama will be as vocal as Kelly Stafford.

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