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Taylor Decker And Darren Rovell Get Into It On Twitter

By: Evan Jankens

Even though the Detroit Lions lost to the Dallas Cowboys Monday night, one Lions player got to reunite with a friend from his college days.

Lions rookie left tackle Taylor Decker was a college teammate of Cowboys rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott at Ohio State, and the two friends exchanged uniforms after the game.

ESPN's sports business reporter sent out the following tweet that said, "Winner in last night's Cowboys-Lions game? Former teammate & offensive lineman who traded his jersey for Zeke's."

Decker noticed the tweet and fired back at Rovell saying, "I have no name."

I thought this was a great response by Decker and rightfully so. It's not like Decker wasn't a first round pick this season. Decker didn't stop when Rovell tried to throw him a "pity" tweet.

Good for Decker and hopefully he framed that jersey because it will be worth a pretty penny.

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