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Take The 61-Day Holiday Health Challenge

DETROIT (WWJ) - The Detroit Medical Center launching a big challenge to help the community to live healthier.

Beginning Thursday, the DMC wants metro Detroit to take the no-pop, no-fried food 61-day healthy holiday challenge.

Carla James, a sophomore at Cornerstone Charter Health High School hopes the challenge leads to lasting lifestyle changes.

"Don't think about it as just the 61-day challenge, think about it as longterm life," James told WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee. "If you're trying to live longer, it's not gonna happen in just 61 days.

"You have to actually improve yourself over a lifetime to actually to try live longer to be there to support your family," she said.

James said she really wants her family and friends to get on board.

"I'm trying to convince my parents, I've trying to convince everyone, to, you know, give it you just for the 61 days," James said. "And if you guys wanna eat your chicken after that, you can."

Detroit Public Schools students who take the challenge are eligible to win a $250 gift card.

Get the details HERE.

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