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Take A 3D Tour Of The Old Michigan Central Station

By: Evan Jankens

The Michigan Central Station is a landmark in Detroit. I have always wanted a tour and luckily for me, I can see it in its full glory through the power of the Internet.

The website has made it possible to take a tour.

Recognize it? Michigan Central Station has been featured in "Transformers," "Batman vs. Superman," 'The Island," "Four Brothers," "8 Mile" and Eminem's single "Beautiful."

It's generally used as a stand in for ruin porn, desolation, an apocalyptic world. Once a transit hub, the depot  fell into disrepair after rail service ended in 1988. Built in 1913, it stands mostly hollowed-out just outside of downtown.

It's owned by Matty Moroun, famed owner of the Ambassador Bridge who's fighting tooth and nail to prevent the state from opening a second span to Windsor.  He told residents a couple of years ago he would work to preserve the building and asked for suggestions on what residents wanted to happen with it.

"There are no plans for a complete redevelopment. This would be a massive expenditure that would require a the development to generate significant income to pay for it," said Matthew Moroun at the time.

"Lots and lots of ideas from just about everybody; but if the idea doesn't generate enough income — it simply doesn't work," he said. "No magic wand here."

I say if Patriots' fans can start a go fund me page for the $1 million fine, then we can certainly start one for the Michigan Central Station.

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