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Summit Aims To Right Spiritual Bankruptcy In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) - A group of community and religious leaders are gearing up for a Detroit revival summit.

Promise Keepers, a Christian organization for men, is teaming up with 40 local religious leaders, like Pastor John Denson of Congregation Shalom in Ferndale, to focus on Detroit's economic and spiritual revival.

"The spirituality has left Detroit," Denson told WWJ's Vickie Thomas. "In terms of revival, we have to begin with the spiritual. So, if we can revive some of the churches and get men and women to adopt Judeo-Christian values, particularly men, the key is men. If you get the men right, they'll tend to get their wives and sons and daughters right."

Click here to listen to Denson's full interview.

Denson said the summit will also address social issues and crime.

"Unfortunately, many of them are incarcerated or in recovery programs. They're warriors, and Promise Keepers along with the coalition of pastors wants to awaken the warriors. Men are asleep at the wheel, so the process of waking them, causing them to really get focused on the task of rebuilding their families, and as you get the families together, the churches will get together, the communities will get together," he said.

The Reviving Detroit Summit kicks off Thursday at the Hotel St. Regis in downtown Detroit.


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