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Wing Walker Falls From Aircraft At Selfridge Air Show

DETROIT (WWJ) (UPDATE) - Mt. Clemens Regional Hospital confirms that a wing walker who fell from an aircraft during the Selfridge Air Show has died.

Officials say wing walker Todd Green fell 200 feet to the ground during a stunt, in which he attempted to transfer from his air craft to a helicopter.

Green, a Michigan native, started performing aerial stunts over a quarter century ago. He is the son of legendary Hall of Fame aerial stuntman Eddie The Grip Green according to the web site  franklinairshow.

Brad Bianchi was there and witnessed the entire thing.

Selfridge Air Show grounds. (Credit: Ray Templin)

"They were doing an aerial maneuver, where the small helicopter would pull a guy in the back seat of a bi-plane out of the cockpit and put him on the wing of a plane, to basically stand there while  the plane did a bunch of advanced maneuvers, on the second pass ... the guy grabbed on to the skid of the helicopter and lost balance and fell off," said Bianchi.

Bianchi says at first he wasn't sure if the fall was part of the stunt ... but realized soon after that it was an accident.


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