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Study: 'Rubberized' Roads May Help Michigan Roads Endure Tougher Climates

HOUGHTON, MI (WWJ) -- Michigan Technological University researchers are helping study whether building roads using asphalt mixed with rubber from ground-up scrap tires is a good idea for states like Michigan.

The Houghton school said that the Department of Environmental Quality has awarded several grants to study rubberized asphalt. One of the researchers --Zhanping You -- said the roads might respond better to temperature fluctuations.

"This type of asphalt will perform pretty well in cold weather," You said. "Therefore, it will be good, as it resists cracks."

The research is also aimed at reducing emissions in both making and laying asphalt.

You received $41,308 of $855,680 from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for the first year of a two-year research and development project, "Low-Emission Asphalt Pavements with Crumb Rubber."

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