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Study: Moms Believe TV Not Bad For Children

ANN ARBOR (WWJ) - TV often gets a bad rap when it comes to young children, but some moms don't think it's such a bad thing, according to a University of Michigan Study.

Researchers surveyed about 300 low-income moms, and asked about their TV rules and beliefs when it comes to their children ages 4-8. One of the findings from the study states mothers believe what their children watch is more important than how often.

According to the study, violent programming is more of a concern than commercials.

"That's important because we know that exposure to advertisements for fast food or sugar-sweetened beverages has been implicated as a risk factor for child obesity," first author Sarah Domoff said in a release.

When it comes to watching TV during meals mothers say that depends on their goals. For example, if moms are looking for family bonding time the TV is off.

"Meals can be a very stressful time in some households," Domoff said. "The mother might need to get to a second job on time and need the child to eat quickly. Allowing television during the meal might encourage certain children to eat and help the mother accomplish her goals."

The study also shows moms enjoy watching quality programs with their kids, especially if it results in their children learning.

"That's important because for families with fewer resources, watching television was something they valued," Domoff said. "It appeared to be an important activity that they enjoyed."

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