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Street Team and the Flash join forces at DLECTRICITY

Midtown Detroit was lit up with lasers, spotlights and an electric light bike parade last weekend for DLECTRICITY. The event was founded two years ago and features the electrifying and flashy projects of more than 35 local, national and international artists.

A few notable sights were an interactive hip-hop carnival, a calming light show at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul and a Let's Dance show performed by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

The brilliant and radiant work of the artists weren't the only flashy sights at DLECTRICITY, however. Barry Allen, A.K.A. the Flash joined the CW50 Street Team during the event to promote the premiere of his new show 'The Flash'.

He raced fans, took a few selfies with the crowds and most of all, admired some fine art.

The CW50 Street Team is looking forward to the next DLECTRICITY.

You can look forward to that, as well as 'The Flash' premiere Tuesday, October 7th at 8 p.m.

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