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Stoney And Bill's Celebrity Call-In Contest

By: Bill McAllister

On Wednesday's show, Stoney and Bill invited listeners to get a famous person to call in to the show for a chance at winning a trip to Lakeland, Florida to take part in Detroit Tiger's Fantasy Camp. The trip was for you and a friend and included 8 days and 7 nights, airfare, room and board, meals, a home and away jersey with your name and number (yours to keep) and you get to play baseball every day at the Detroit Tiger's spring training facility in Lakeland, Florida.

The idea was to get a famous celebrity to call into our show. Whether you knew them or a friend knew them, didn't matter, get them to call in on your behalf. We didn't know who they were until they spoke, which made it fun for us. We started out great with a call from Fox Sports Detroit's play by play guy Mario Impemba! Next up was former Tiger pitcher Frank Tanana, current Detroit Lion DE Lawrence Jackson and former Lions kicker Eddie Murray. Then we got the most random of random calls, former homeless dude turned voice-over actor Ted Williams, the man with Golden Voice! The calls kept coming in, former Lions QB Eric Hipple, then the voice of the Detroit Tigers, Dan Dickerson (Oh Man!!!) followed by Survivor star Mike Skupin.

Then someone raised the stakes, actor/comedian Dax Shepard called our show and was very funny. We thought, "this is it, this is the biggest one yet"

Dax Shepard

Dax was quickly followed by WDIV weatherman Chuck Gaidica, former Tiger pitcher Juan Berenguer (WHAT?!?!), former Lion WR Herman Moore and Piston Bad Boy James "Buddah" Edwards...But, hold on, it's about to get cra-zazy up in here.

None other than all-time Lions great RB Barry Sanders called into the show!

Barry Sanders

Ok, blank is gettin' real now! Next up was 80's teen sensation and Celebrity Apprentice star Debbie Gibson.

Debbie Gibson

If Barry wasn't awesome enough, the next caller took it to a new level. She's been our Hottie Of The Day several times before, she was Veronica Mars on TV, she WAS Sarah Marshall in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and she hails from Huntington Woods, yes, Kristen Bell called into the show. Best part about it is that she's been dating Dax Shepard for some time and while she spoke to us, he picked up the other line and they debated who was a bigger "get", the two of them combined or Barry Sanders?

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

We had to give it Aaron Weakley who was able to secure Dax and Kristen but our favorite call was our last call and talk about random, ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Felipe Rose...of the Village People!

Felipe Rose

Congratulations to Aaron and everyone who took part, it was a lot of fun!

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