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Stink Bug Invasion Set To Strike Michigan

DETROIT (WWJ) Spring is finally here! That's the good news. Now here's the bad: Michigan is starting to see the beginning of a stink bug infestation, according to Michigan State University entomologist Matt Grieshop.

Grieshop says the "Brown Marmolated" -- or Asian stink bug is showing up all over the state. The bug is Asian in origin and was first reported in the United States when it was discovered in Pennsylvania in 1996.

Since then, it's been spreading steadily, most recently reported in 29 states. What's attracting it to Michigan?

"This bug eats pretty much anything, it feeds on soy beans, corn, pretty much all vegetable crops, just about all fruit crops, out east in New Jersey it's the peach growers who are really being negatively impacted by it," Grieshop said.

The professor says the stink bug likes to seek shelter in homes in the fall and they are starting to emerge now that the weather is heating up.

They don't bite or pose any danger to humans -- but he says they do stink. He says the smell is a little like a combination of cilantro and sweaty sweat socks. "Not a very pleasant ... If you really like Mexican and Italian food, you might be like 'There's a little cilantro in that,' but the sweaty sweat socks sort of ruin that," Grieshop said.

"There are houses in Maryland where they collected 20,000 bugs out of a single house, once they build up, they can be quite noticeable and irritating," he said.

What should you do if you spot one in your yard? Call an expert for help. Here's a guide to people at MSU who will assist.

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