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State Police Charged In Corruption Probe

MONROE (WWJ) - Two Michigan State Police lieutenants and another man face charges of running a criminal enterprise out of a State Police office.

Michigan's Attorney General Bill Schuette says Lieutenants Luke Davis and Emmanuel Riopelle used the Office of Monroe Narcotics Investigation to steal cash and drugs, along with high-priced televisions, cell phones and designer purses. 

Schuette said he filed the charges, in part, to send the message that no one is above the law.

"Nobody gets a free pass. If you violate the law, if you violate the public trust, you'll have severe consequences," he said.

"The actions today, on these charges we've filed, are not reflective of the Michigan State Police as a whole. These are women and men of honor, and certainly, the director of the State Police and I are disappointed,"  Schuette said.

The 42-year old Lawrence Dusseau is also accused in the scheme. The two lieutenants were placed on unpaid suspension. 

All three face up to twenty years in prison if they are convicted.

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