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Stafford Calls A Play Named After Childhood Friend Clayton Kershaw [VIDEO]

By: Will Burchfield

When Matthew Stafford was taking snaps from Clayton Kershaw in middle school, he couldn't have imagined he'd one day be calling plays in Kershaw's honor on Monday Night Football.

But here we are.

With all eyes on the Lions and the Giants on Monday night, Stafford invoked his childhood friend -- and three-time Cy Young winner -- with an audible at the line of scrimmage.

"Hey, give me Kershaw here, Kershaw!" Stafford yelled.

Stafford and Kershaw grew up together just outside Dallas. They were teammates in several sports -- football, baseball, basketball, soccer, you name it -- and graduated from Highland Park High School.

In baseball, Stafford was Kershaw's catcher. In football, Kershaw was Stafford's center.

Now they're at the pinnacle of their respective professions. In fact, Kershaw is the highest-paid player in MLB this year, with a salary of about $35 million, while Stafford is the highest-paid player in the NFL, with a salary of $27 million.

The two remain good friends today. A shoutout from one to the other feels fitting.

Kershaw's night didn't go as well as Stafford's. While the Lions quarterback helped his team to an impressive 24-10 win over the Giants, the Dodgers ace gave up the first grand slam of his career in a 4-3 loss to the Phillies.

Before last night, Kershaw had faced 103 batters with the bases loaded without allowing a home run. History says he'll bounce back.

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