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St. Clair Shores Councilman Wants To Save Obsolete Water Tower

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (AP) — It's rusty and no longer needed, but a 165-foot water tower still has fans in a Detroit suburb.

Councilman David Rubello | Credit: City of St. Clair Shores

St. Clair Shores City Council member David Rubello wants to save the tower, which stands at the city's golf course, The Macomb Daily reported.

The tower was built in the 1920s to improve water pressure in the community but now is obsolete. To some, it's a local landmark that deserves love.

"I hate to see any part of the history of St. Clair Shores destroyed," Rubello said. "If the people of our community can come together and save this tower, that would be amazing and a win."

He has proposed finding a company that would pay to repair it in exchange for placing advertising on the tower. It could cost roughly $400,000 — 10 times the cost to demolish it.

Tall structures can be converted into wireless phone towers, but the area appears to be covered.

"It has become part of the landscape. Sadly, demolition looks to be the proper choice," said Chris Rayes, community development and inspections director.

The council voted to table the issue for six months.

"There's no rush to tear it down; it's been sitting there for a while. A few more months won't hurt," Rubello said.

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