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Southfield Residents On Edge After Several Coyote Sightings In Multiple Locations

(CBS DETROIT)- Neighbors in several Southfield locations say they're living in fear after multiple sightings of coyotes in the area.

" I would be greatly on my p's and q's on watching my kids, you know, out here," said Andre Garrett who has concerns over coyote sightings in Southfield.

Southfield residents on edge after coyotes are seen in several neighbors.

Video sent to CW50 by a viewer in a neighborhood near 11 mile and Evergreen shows a coyote  just casually walking down a residential street in broad day light.

Andre Garrett's brother lives in that area.

"I have seen them and you wouldn't know they were coyotes, they look very good, they look very healthy," Garrett said.

That's the fear for these neighbors, some not being able to tell the difference between a coyote and a dog.

Vince Taylor who lives off 12 mile and Laser says, he knows the difference and he sees coyotes often.

"Once or twice a month, most of the people around here that talk about it are worried about their little dogs being attacked," said Vince Taylor a Southfield resident.

Taylor says he's not bothered by the coyotes, but other Neighbors who reached out to CW50 are.

We contacted Southfield animal control, who referred us to the Department of Natural Resources. By phone the DNR gave the following advice on what residents should do if they see a coyote.


-Coyotes are very common throughout Michigan

-Typically, harmless to humans

-Never corner a coyote

-If spotted keep small animals, dogs and cats near you and never let out alone. Coyotes have been known to attack small animals.

-Coyotes usually will not attack a baby or small child, but always keep a close eye.

The DNR also says they do not capture coyotes and if residents want them trapped they will need to hire a private company.

The Southfield neighbors we spoke with have not heard of any attacks by the coyotes, but the DNR says always stay vigilant

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