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Some License Plate Tabs Have Wrong Color

A glitch at a Michigan Secretary of State branch has led to the wrong color being used on some 2011 license plate stickers, creating confusion for police.

The Grand Rapids Press reported Saturday the glitch prompted Michigan State Police to send officers a memo advising them not to blame drivers for having yellow 2011 stickers when they're supposed to be orange.

The stickers are designed to help law enforcement officers identify vehicles that might have expired registrations.

``NOTE: Do not confiscate or destroy these license plates,'' read the recently issued police memo. ``These are valid license plates, and the owner of the vehicle is not to blame for this error.''

Secretary of State spokeswoman Kelly Chesney said the agency has been informed of only four instances, all in January, when yellow 2011 stickers were issued. Yellow was the color for stickers expiring in 2010.

``This error sometimes occurs when we are transitioning to a new year,'' Chesney said.

She said the Secretary of State's office is trying to pinpoint where the problem occurred.

The Press quoted an unidentified state police trooper assigned to the Rockford post, about 10 miles north of Grand Rapids, as saying he had encountered about 50 vehicles this year with yellow 2011 tabs.

A state police sergeant in Rockford referred calls for comment to the Secretary of State's office.

Chesney said police who stop vehicles with yellow stickers can determine if registrations using their in-car computers.

Also, motorists with yellow stickers can exchange them for orange stickers at no cost, she said.

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