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Snowfall Milder Than Expected, Totals Four To Six Inches

(CBS DETROIT) – A storm that was expected to bury the metro-area with snow made a calm pass in Southeastern Michigan.

 "It wasn't bad," said Lolita Coppage.

"I'm from Chicago. I don't know why these people are tripping but Chicago can get lake effect snow and you can get 10-12 inches of snow easily.

Drivers were seen traveling at posted speeds Thursday, while some took it slow on their commute.

"This morning, because I had to be a work at 5am so when I got out there, I think it was one lane open all the way down through to I-75 so it wasn't that bad," said Dwayne Atkins of Southfield.

 "It was good, just people gotta watch how they drive," said Sam Mona about his commute down Southfield Rd.

"You know, it's more of the people the way they're driving. Too fast or way too slow."

The area saw four to six inches of snow although predictions were in the double digits.

"Because I kind of watched it come down last night and I kind of figured that it wasn't going to be as much as they said it was gone be," Atkins explained.

Dozens of local school districts cancelled class leaving thousands of kids spending their snow day at home.

Although snow totals fell short of expectations, temperatures were frigid as promised with highs in the low 20s.

"That's why the kids aren't outside because they don't know anything about playing," Coppage said.

"My mother had to call us in. We'd be playing, cold, clothes be wet. We'd get in that house, eat some Campbell soup, take a bath and hot chocolate and you were good to go."

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