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SNAP!office Launches E-Commerce Store

ALLENDALE -- SNAP!office, the office furniture manufacturer that pioneered a new approach to buying affordable office furniture online, announced the launch of a new e-commerce platform. 

The new SNAP!office e-store provides another opportunity for small and mid-size businesses to purchase high-quality, commercial-grade furniture directly from the company, eliminating the cost and hassle of working with middlemen typically associated with the process.

SNAP!office provides complete turnkey systems that help small- and medium-sized businesses set their offices up in a snap, giving them what they want and need the most:  high-quality, low-cost, speed and personalized attention. SNAP!office also has a team of designers available who can work with customers online through the company's SEEchange software, in real time, to create a 3D plan of their complete office free of charge. And now, customers can browse and buy a wide variety of high quality, custom SNAP!office furniture from the company's new online store, making it even easier to purchase additional items to accommodate a growing office.

"Historically, buying office furniture has been a long, complicated and frustrating experience," said SNAP!office President and CEO Adrienne Stevens. "Our goal is to offer an easier, more cost-effective office furniture buying experience.  To accomplish that, we need to be responsive to the needs of all of our customers.  SEEchange is a fast, convenient way to create custom office plans, but we recognize that not every customer wants or needs to go through the design process. Sometimes you just need a new table or desk to accommodate a new employee. Our new online store will provide those customers with easy access to the same quality products and affordable prices that they would get if they were to work with our online team."

SNAP!office is able to provide customers with a turnkey solution for buying office furniture online, thanks to its patented online design technology called SEEchange. SEEchange makes it possible for customers to work with SNAP!office designers online to develop a custom plan for their office space.  The technology allows the designer to simulate an office's size and floor plan, and find the ideal furniture configuration to fit the customer's needs, no matter the size of the company or number of employees.

Customers can explore and customize furniture materials, colors, fabrics and finishes and find the best fit for their taste, work style and budget. Once the design session is complete, customers have the option to print out floor plan layouts to review design selections offline. SEEchange even allows the company to streamline ordering, and ship products faster, directly to the customer. Orders, including custom-configured furniture, leave the Michigan-based factory in less than 15 business days and can be shipped and installed anywhere in the U.S. In addition, SNAP!office offers a quick-ship program for several items that can be shipped within five business days. Time for the whole process, from design to installation, can be reduced by as much as 95 percent versus the traditional furniture buying experience.

"SNAP!office allows our customers to bypass the dealer without having to make any sacrifices on service, selection or quality," said Stevens.  "We constantly hear from customers who have been overlooked or underserved because they were considered too small by a dealer. At SNAP!office we are committed to providing a great office furniture buying experience to every customer, whether they're buying one desk or 1,000."

SNAP!office is the only office furniture manufacturer offering real-time 3D space design, high-quality products and installation capabilities direct to the market. Its highly efficient "Made in the USA" operation ships furniture in 15 business days or less and comes with white glove delivery, a limited lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. They launched their direct-to-market approach last year. Visit or e-mail for more information.

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