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Denard Robinson Could Return Kicks

By: Tom Millikan

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke joined Stoney & Bill on Thursday for his weekly chat. Hoke was asked whether the MSU game was a product of good defense or bad offense on the part of both teams.

"Both teams played very well defensively," Hoke said. "They've got very good players defensively. That is part of the tradition they're building. And that is what we're trying to do here. It was a great hard fought game. Both teams played hard"

Hoke also touched on Michigan's inconsistent passing game against the Spartans.

"It's not frustrating. You know what you want to do. The effort is there. Was the route run right? There are a lot of variables. Somebody said are we conservative. We threw 29 times."

One of the biggest plays in the game was MSU's 4th quarter fake punt. Was Hoke surprised by the call?

"No I think it was a great call. It was a smart call on their part. We were set up in a middle return. It was something that was there and they took advantage of it"

Denard Robinson was on the kick return team on Saturday. Hoke was asked if that is something we'll see again.

"It's a possibility," Hoke said. "You got a pretty good athlete with a guy that is hard to catch if he finds a seam. You might as well use your players. The objective is to win when you are in a championship game mode every week. So how can you prepare your team and your players to win the football game."

But what if Robinson got hurt returning a kick?

"I never hear the end of stuff anyway. So it doesn't matter," Hoke said.

As for the Nebraska game this Saturday in Lincoln, Hoke said Michigan must be ready.

"They have a great dual threat in their backfield. Taylor Martinez is the key. He's making good decisions. At home they play well like most teams in this league. It's another championship game so our demeanor and preparation is a big part of it."

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