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'Shirtless Judge' McCree Allegedly Impregnates Witness, Lets Her Decide Ex's Sentence

DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) Is there shame in his game now? The 3rd Circuit Court Judge who made headlines by sending a female employee a shirtless picture of himself was ensnared again when a woman came forward with hundreds of text messages she says proves he initiated an affair with her when she came into his courtroom seeking child support.

Genine Le'Shay Mott is now pregnant, she says with the judge's child. Text messages allegedly show him urging her to have an abortion, writing, "you'll get whatever you want 4 it."

Most startling of all from a criminal perspective -- her text messages show the judge let her weigh in on the sentence her ex faced in court.

"He's texting her messages from the bench, negotiating punishment for the (baby's) father," said journalist Charlie LeDuff, who broke the story late Thursday. He appeared on the Charlie Langton Talk Radio 1270 show Friday morning to spill the tale again.

One text shows McCree writing: "OK, The math will be based on his failures since being placed on probation, but if U'r right, the threat of jail will loosen his purse strings!"

His erstwhile girlfriend responded: "OK, So let's go with what you proposed .. Go 2 jail (150 days), release upon payment of $1,500. Or get a tether and bring back w/n 30 days $2,500 or serve 9 months! Bonus: Pay w/n 30 days, remove tether. Now back 2 us ... What are we doin after court Thursday?"

The ex did go to jail, while Mott and the judge -- what they did, she said -- was have sex in spots all over his judicial chambers.

"She's well-spoken, credible, and half his age," LeDuff said.

This news comes after the judge accepted a censure from the Michigan Supreme Court for allegedly taking naked photos of himself from the waist up and sending them to a court bailiff. When confronted by LeDuff, McCree said "ain't no shame in my game." He later apologized, said the photo was a "serious mistake," and went back to work with a censure in his background.

Langton, who is also WWJ's legal analyst, said the judge could lose his job over the latest allegations.

"I believe it's obstruction of justice," Langton said about the judge allegedly letting the complaining witness weigh in on her boyfriend's sentencing. "You can't get advice from a witness in a case who has a vested interest in her ex going to jail."

Mott said McCree got cold feet about their relationship when his wife found out about the pregnancy. He filed a complaint with the Wayne County prosecutor last week, saying she was stalking him. The prosecutor found his complaints baseless and refused to bring charges.

LeDuff tried to confront the judge at his home about the allegations. "Sorry cannot do it," McCree said when LeDuff showed up at his house. "All matters are with the prosecutor's office."

What happens next? "You don't get three strikes when you're a judge," Langton said, adding McCree could face repercussions from the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission for misconduct -- and face a criminal complaint for obstruction of justice.

"When I found out about the texts and the sentencing, that's a breach," LeDuff said. "How crazy, this is a guy not thinking clearly."

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