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Sharpton Announces Renewal Of March On Washington

DETROIT (WWJ) - Reverend Martin Luther King's historic March towards freedom down Woodward is being remembered Saturday.

And, the Reverend Al Sharpton says he wants to replicate it in the nation's capitol.

At the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit more than 100 supporters turned out to hear Sharpton announce that he is creating a march on Washington.

SharptonAl 1 2-16-13 (Klarson)He tells WWJ's Kathryn Larson that he thinks it's important for it to start right here: "I'm passionate about starting it right here in Detroit because 50 years ago that's where the march on Washington (D.C.) Dr. King told the world about his dream ... Detroit, 50-years later, still symbolizes ground zero for labor rights."

Sharpton believes that starting the march here will also send a clear message to Lansing that the workers are mobilizing.

"Just like 50-years ago it was critical in the King-era, it's critical in this era that we start this pursuit of fairness and justice in Detroit," he said. "Motown sets the tone for this nation and we'll be here June 22nd to do it again."

Detroit will be the first leg of the walk which will begin in June and end August 24 in Washington D.C.

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