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Shakeup In The Bing Administration


Amid a whistleblower lawsuit and rumors of a shakeup at Detroit City Hall,  Mayor Dave Bing will be holding a news briefing at 2 p.m. to address personnel changes.

There's expected to be a shift in top aides and there is speculation that formed group executive Kirk Lewis, will come back.

"I don't understand why he would want to come back," said City Councilman Ken Cockrel Jr..

"It's my understanding that after he was let go, he was offered and took a very high profile position, a great position at Cornerstone Schools ... that's what I've heard.  I can't understand why he would want to give that up to come back here."

Mayor Bing, along with communications director Karen Dumas and the City of Detroit, is being sued by former mayoral aide Rochelle Collins for wrongful dismissal. Collins said it was stressful working with Dumas, who she says is responsible for most of the turnover in Bing's administration.

The lawsuit characterizes Dumas as a chaos causing, vindictive micro-manager, but she refutes that.

Also in the lawsuit, Collins accuses Bing of plotting to steal power from the Detroit Public Schools board and City Council.

Cockrel said the mayor has to deal with this situation, and how he does that is up to him.

"As long as this thing is out there, as long as it's hanging out there, as long as it continues to grow and snowball, it's a problem for the mayor. There's no doubt that there's a storm around the mayor's office, and it does seem that Karen Dumas is at the center of it," said Cockrel.

There's speculation that Bing's chief of staff, Shannon Holmes, has already resigned.  The mayor's office did not confirm or deny the report .

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