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Severe Storms Leave Thousands Without Power Throughout Southern Michigan

BELLEVILLE (WWJ) -- A line of severe storms marched across most of southern Michigan on Saturday night, leaving thousands of people without power.

A DTE spokesperson said that Belleville saw the most significant outages, with an estimated 3,500 weather related power failures. Smaller, scattered outages have also been reported throughout most of southeastern Michigan.

Belleville resident Terry Skiver said that while the rain never got very heavy, the thunder was loud and the lightning was bright, leaving his home without power.

"Off in the distance there was lightning and thunder," Skiver said. "We just lost power and the entire main street is totally blacked out."

One Mount Clemens resident told WWJ that the rain was coming down so hard that she could barely see her neighbor's houses across the street.

"I live in the house I was born in 74 years ago -- I have never experienced weather like this," she said. "The thunder is so bad that it's shaking the bed, shaking the lamp, the water was sloshing in the glass and the lightning is hitting everywhere."

The heavy rainfall even delayed the Michigan Wolverines' home game against Utah for two hours and 24 minutes on Saturday night.

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