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Senior Manager In Detroit Touts Education As Key To Success

Marlowe Stoudamire is the project director of strategic business development and corporate planning for Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan. He has previously worked with Ford Motor Company, Microsoft Corp and Kmart Corp in various management and analyst capacities. Stoudamire holds a bachelor of business administration and a masters of science.

Highly successful in his field, Stoudamire took some time to share insight about obtaining a degree in business administration and its potential to lead to an impressive career.

Marlowe Stoudamire, project director of strategic business development, Henry Ford Health System (credit: Nicole Wrona)
Marlowe Stoudamire, project director of strategic business development, Henry Ford Health System (credit: Nicole Wrona)

How has your degree in business administration prepared you for your current role?

"My undergraduate degree in business administration provided me with a wide array of skills and case studies that helped me develop a functional toolkit that adds value across various levels of business at Henry Ford Health System. As a project director, I am not expected to be an expert in all areas of the business. However, I have to lead multidisciplinary teams that intersect with all aspects of business, so it is critical to have strong competency in core areas of the enterprise, such as finance, information technology, marketing and supply chain management. Those particular areas were staples of coursework and exposure through my business administration program in college."

With careers evolving over time, how have your degrees helped you to maneuver from one position to the next?

"My bachelor's degree was just a way to get my foot in the door as a starting point, opening up entry- to mid-level employment opportunities. The diverse level of coursework allowed me to operate smoothly in a business environment, made for quick comprehension of concepts, training and technology, and gave me an advantage over others who didn't have a degree that applied for the same job. The team projects and academia acquired from both degrees allow me to be agile and adapt to any business environment with transferrable skills."

Aside from an education, what other attributes are important to have in order to become a successful leader in a management position?

"It is important to understand your strengths and leverage them to your advantage, while also knowing your weaknesses and finding good partners and staff that fill those gaps. Being a student of people and culture is critical in this diverse world that is changing every day. Put priority on relationship building, time management and follow-through on promises, deliverables. It is vital to have multiple role models and mentors that offer different perspectives, toolkits and honest feedback. And lastly, be aware of the shadow that you cast as a potential or current leader, because there is always someone watching you."

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