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Security expert speaks on protecting your home from crime ring

How safe is your home? Security expert provides tips
How safe is your home? Security expert provides tips 02:16

(CBS DETROIT) - A crime ring is burglarizing homes in Wayne and Oakland County. Security experts said they are targeting the homes of people out of town. 

"It's not that hard to do what they're doing because too many Americans are lax," said Steve Dolunt, retired assistant chief of the Detroit Police Department.

He said these criminals aren't rookies.

"Oh no, they took a safe out of a house the other day."

He said they are studying neighborhoods and monitoring homes, so one of the best things you can do is not let people know when you're away.

"We don't think. We put it on Facebook or whatever, 'Hey, I'm going on vacation, I'll be gone for two weeks.' Cha-ching, that's an easy house to hit."

While you're away, pause your mail and deliveries so boxes don't stack up. Leave a car in your driveway, and set your lights on different timers so it looks like someone is home.

"Most of these break-ins happen between three and five in the morning. Because the bars close at two so there's traffic, people start getting up at five to go jogging or whatever. So you've got a small window, and that's when they break in," said Dolunt.

For enhanced security, consider cameras, sensors on your window, and motion or sound detectors. And a doorstop can also help keep someone from breaking into a locked door.

"You put it in, and the people can't get in. You can crack the door a little bit. Or you can reverse it and no one's getting in at all. They got it off Amazon. The homeowners are very, very proactive here, I love this tool."

He said if you're out of town for a while, you could have a friend stay at your house. Or if you have a lot of valuables you could consider hiring a security team to drive by your home. But Dolunt said security doesn't have to be expensive. One of his most recommended precautions is placing a stick in the gap of your sliding glass door so it is impossible to open. 

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