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Schwartz Not Concerned About Bush's Injuries: 'It's Life In The Big City'

By Ashley Dunkak

ALLEN PARK (CBS DETROIT) - Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz does not seem worried about running back Reggie Bush.

Bush had 21 carries and four catches Sunday for a combined 191 yards of offense, but he dislocated his thumb and pulled his groin during the team's season opener. After the game, Bush did not talk like he expected to miss any time from the injuries, and as of Monday, Schwartz certainly did not sound like he expected the team to limit its use of Bush based on those ailments.

"We're going to try to go and win games and score points," Schwartz said. "Reggie's a tough guy.

"I don't know how many running backs touched the ball as many times as he did yesterday, but anybody that did is probably experiencing the same kind of things today," Schwartz continued. "It's life in the big city. You're a running back in the NFL, there's going to be some Mondays where you're not going to feel great. Feel a little bit better when you get the win and you make the plays that he made. That's what we're looking for from him, not anything else."

Schwartz appeared just as sure of Bush's ability to push through those injuries Sunday.

"No guy's going to come out because of a little thing like that," he said then.

Bush arrived at Sunday's post-game press conference with a brace or sleeve of some kind on his thumb, and he explained that he had dislocated it during the first quarter, and he later added that he had also pulled his groin.

"I pulled my groin early on," Bush said. "I think it was maybe a series after I dislocated my thumb, so everything was going against me early on, but I was able to pull through it."

In seven seasons in the NFL, Bush has just twice played in all 16 games - his first year in the league, 2006, and last season. He played 12 games in 2007, 10 games in 2008, 14 games in 2009, eight games in 2010 and 15 games in 2011.

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