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Sand-Swallowing Grumble Tunes? Exclusive Performance: Remnose [VIDEO]

Detroit Proud is excited to premiere another video, produced by our talented friends at The Ferndale Set!

This premiere post features Remnose, a 4-piece from Ferndale who describe themselves as "four want-to-be Yoopers making up-north music from underneath the bridge." Their dreamy melodies will have you unconsciously swaying to the beat in no time, and with a pair of brothers in the band, their voices blend together in perfect harmonies.

Check out the video premiere above, and our Q&A with Marlon Morton of Remnose below!

Tell us a little about Remnose! Describe your band's musical style:
We are Marlon and Carson Morton, Alex Wildner and Sam Sparling. Our music fits somewhere in the broad genre of indie folk-rock. One of our favorite descriptions of our music is sand-swallowing grumble tunes featuring somewhat raspy blood harmonies.

Love you Milwaukee.. Heading to the motherland though tonight, Marquette here we come! Playing Blackrocks Brewery at 9pm!

Posted by Remnose on Sunday, December 31, 2017

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest project(s)? What's next for Remnose?
Currently, we are in the process of mixing and mastering our latest album which we recorded last summer at Stone House Recording in Grand Rapids. We expect to have it released sometime this summer, and of course we plan to do a release show for it (dates TBA really soon!).

Favorite Remnose performance and why?
Our release show for our EP, What We See in Our Sleep, was definitely in the top 3. We had the show in our friend's backyard in Woodbridge, we brought a keg of beer and some random Christmas/Halloween lights, and had a great turn out. I think everyone loves DIY shows, we are no exception.

How does Detroit compare to other places you've performed?
Well it's home, so nothing beats having people who know you being there to support you.

Favorite places in (or around) Detroit to perform?
Small's in Hamtramck is definitely a competitor for our favorite venue, sound is always spot on and the staff are great to us. The venue that will be the hardest to top was Tom's Tavern. Our friend James Anthony hosted a monthly there for a while, and there was really something magical about that room, everyone always seemed to be having the best time of their life. The bar's proprietor, Ron, was the most gracious of hosts, and it felt like you were in his home more than you were at a bar. RIP.

To one of the most beautiful places we've ever played and it's keeper.. Ron will be thoroughly missed, any fan of Stan Rogers is a friend of ours. Thank you for the great times!

Posted by Remnose on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Most unusual Detroit-area performance of yours?
Well, we did a few weird shows when we were starting out as a three-piece (no drums). The one that's sticking out right now is Carson's birthday in 2014-ish, and we were playing a sort of zombie art opening at the Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park. Our girlfriends and sister sort of threw some makeup on us and we were all drinking and what not, so of course we looked nothing like zombies...or really anything at all. Carson had this really hip tiger pattern speedo and our guitar player at the time (Vince Bashi) was wearing his red hot onesie, and I don't remember what I wore, but it was really fun to get goofy since our attire didn't necessarily match our vibe.

Describe Detroit's music scene, from your perspective.
Very eclectic. We really do have it all, the evidence is the line-up at Hamtramck Music Festival every year.

What's something special about the music scene in Detroit?
I think it's just great to be able to go to any show/venue in the area on any given night and either run into people you've met at other shows or meet someone new and enjoy listening to music together.

Describe Remnose's songwriting process.
I (Marlon) typically write all the songs on my own just with guitar and vocals. Usually, a guitar part comes first, then a melody to match, and then I'll spend anywhere from a few hours to several months coming up with lyrics that I think sound cool. A lot of times, I'll make a demo with the drums, bass, and lead guitar, and those recordings can come in handy in helping the band arrange their parts. Carson, Sam, and Alex are all extremely musically talented though, so they usually hop right in with ideas.

(credit: The Ferndale Set)

What do you like to do in the city when you're not performing?
We definitely go hang at Belle Isle every once in a while and probably spend too much time in breweries around town also. We love beer and we love the outdoors.

Where are your favorite places to hang out in Detroit?
Love Mexicantown, love Corktown.

Top 5 favorite Detroit musicians (past or present)?
The Drinkard Sisters, Honeybabe, Rodriguez, Black Shampoo, and Brian Miller (of Oak Bones).

Favorite band(s) you've shared the stage with? Other local acts you'd love TO share the stage with sometime?
All of the top 5 favorite Detroit musicians/bands listed above we've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with, except Rodriguez unfortunately… It'd be awesome to be on a bill with Bars of Gold sometime, those guys are great.

Favorite song to cover?
Any Roger Miller!

If you had to sum up the city of Detroit in one word, what would it be?


Thanks to Remnose for taking the time to chat with us! For the latest updates on the band, be sure to check them out on Facebook HERE.

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