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'Same Old Suh' Not Playing Favorites With Miami Dolphins

DETROIT - Former Detroit Lions player Ndamukong Suh is not playing favorites with his new team the Miami Dolphins.

Suh skipped the voluntary minicamp for veterans this week in Florida -- the first under new head coach Adam Gase and while the coach may be new -- Suh's tactics are not.

Often criticized (and fined) for his aggressive tactics on the field -- rumblings among fellow Miami players are that they'd just like to see him on the field.

According to Miami Herald's Adam Beasely Suh showed up for the first day of the Dolphins' conditioning program a few weeks back, but quickly went back to his old routine.

"Teammates are privately steamed about the league's highest-paid defensive player again doing what he wants — a recurring problem during much of the 2015 season," said Beasley.

WWJ's sports reporter Ryan Wooley says Suh was notorious for not showing up for the voluntarily training in Detroit. "Most notably in the final year of his contract ... setting the precedent for 'he doesn't care.'"

Suh's certainly not resting on his laurels, his production in Miami was down in the 2015 season - getting only 6 sacks - -- down from the 8.5 he had in Detroit the previous year.

Reports say Suh was in Portland over the weekend -- often doing solo training on his own at a Nike facility in Oregon. The team will begin mandatory veteran minicamp sessions in June.

Suh was drafted by the Lions second overall in 2010 and was fined numerous times by the NFL and suspended once for two games in connection with play-safety and un-sportsmanlike conduct on the field.

Suh made the jump to Miami last season with a six-year, $114 million contract - making him one of the highest paid defensive players in the NFL.

In Detroit they may say 'same old Suh' -- but now he's somebody else's distraction.


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