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Salvation Army Asking For Donations To Help Reach Red Kettle Campaign Goal By January 31

(CBS DETROIT)-You see them just about everywhere during the holiday season.

Volunteers ringing bells in hopes of receiving much needed donations for the Salvation Army of Michigan.

This year donations came in, but the organization unfortunately hasn't reached their goal.

The red kettle campaign is significantly behind its $8.3 million dollar goal. Every year the organization helps thousands facing hardship, that need has only increased during the pandemic.


"The Salvation Army was one of the ones that actually reached out to me they actually got back to me and they helped me get caught up to date," said Brandi Robinson, who received financial help from The Salvation Army.

In 2020 Brandi, a single mom of a 9 and 6 year old was facing eviction from her Detroit home. She like many lost her job after being forced to stay home when schools closed due to the pandemic.

Over time she says things got really tough. 

"I applied for unemployment, I didn't get it right away some people did I didn't it was a waiting process with that. With me being head of household and a single parent I really didn't have a saving account," Robinson said.


With bills piling up and fearing she and her children would be on the streets, she reached out for help and says without the financial help from the Salvation Army, she's not sure where she would be. The help even put her back on the right path.


'I actually went back to school and I got a couple of certifications in the medical field and I plan on going back in a couple months," said Robinson.


This, she says is why it's so crucial to keep the organization going, and that only happens with donations."

"I'm just trying to stay on top of things so I'm just grateful for everything," said Robinson.


The Campaign deadline is Sunday January 31. If you would like to give or if you need assistance from the organization, click link below.

Please call 877-SAL-MICH, or visit us at


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