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Ryan Wooley: Why Is Christina Aguilera Taking So Much Heat?

I have to admit, I am so sick and tired of hearing about Christina Aguilera messing up the National Anthem. It no doubt is one of, if not the hardest song to sing and I can't imagine how hard it is and the pressure you feel to perform it in front of a packed stadium. So why is she catching so much grief for the flub?

Some will argue that she is a professional singer and should know the lyrics. Others would also say that she tried to "jazz" it up too much and not sing it traditionally, which is why she got lost. I think both arguments are pretty weak.

First off, if you're given the privilege to sing our National Anthem at any venue, (let alone a Super Bowl) you will learn the lyrics if you don't already know them. As for "jazzing" it up, that is why she was picked to do the Anthem because of her voice! If the committee didn't want her or anyone else to put their personal touch on the song, then have a band perform or play a recording.

The thing that bothers me the most behind all the criticism though is TMZ releasing a video of her not finishing the song during dress rehearsal, implying that could be the reason why she messed up.

Really? People are going to try and stretch it that much and say she brought this on herself? Say had she finished the song in rehearsal, she would have been fine during the performance? If anyone has ever played a sport, an instrument, or been in a situation where you practice something over and over and then perform, you know things don't always go the way you practiced them. What she did during Super Bowl 45 was nothing short of amazing and still even with the mess up, brought tears to many people's eyes.

I personally will chalk it up to everyone making mistakes, no matter what the job or how famous you're. If you think she should be ashamed of herself or that she deserves to be ridiculed the rest of her life for the flub, then I challenge you to go to a local high school, college, or even try out for a pro team here in Detroit and see if you can perform the National Anthem flawlessly. I bet you make some kind of a mistake too. Maybe it won't be the same one she did or maybe it's just missing a note or clipping a lyric, but do you have what it takes to prove me wrong?

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