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Rumor: Ilitch Looking To Sell Tigers, Red Wings, Little Caesars

By Dan Jenkins

Update: Kukla's Korner has posted the audio of Bob McGown talking about the Red Wings, Tigers and Little Caesars in a new post, but said, "seems like typical Bob McCown trying to drop a bomb that's more like dropping a log on a Friday night to see if he can personally take some of the spotlight off of Mike Babcock and place it upon himself."

McGown said, "There are some issues -- I'm hearing repeatedly that the Red Wings and the Tigers and Little Caesars are all for sale. The Ilitches are in the process of doing estate planning and have let it be known that somebody could buy the whole kit and kaboodle.

"If I know that, I'm quite sure Mike Babcock knows that. I can't speak to his relationship with the ownership, but maybe he sees a culture change, a seat change happening at a larger level in Detroit."


DETROIT (CBS Detroit) -- File this one firmly under "rumors."

Hockey website Kukla's Korner is reporting that Mike Ilitch is apparently looking to sell off the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings and Little Caesars Pizza.

Kukla's Korner reported that Bob McGown, a "well-connected sports talk personality" on Toronto's Sportsnet's Prime Time Sports spoke about the topic leading into Friday night's Red Wings and Maple Leafs game.

Kukla's Korner says "McCown brings up that the Ilitch Family has put their enterprise up for sale and making retirement plans."

"Bob McCown...just mentioned he has heard the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers and Little Caesars are up for sale, stating the Ilitches have made this known," the report states.

The site also mentions the possibility of Red Wings coach Mike Babcock eventually leaving the Wings to take a general manager position in Toronto.


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