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Ruling Expected As Deportation Deadline Approaches For Thousands Of Iraqi Nationals

DETROIT (WWJ) - Another deadline is quickly approaching for a group of Detroit-area Iraqi Christians -- who were rounded up last month by federal immigration agents and continue to face the prospect of deportation.

A temporary injunction issued by U.S. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith -- which impacts over 100 local detainees -- is set to expire Monday at midnight.

Shoki Konja of Franklin is fighting for the release of his brother, Najah, who was among those rounded up by ICE agents.

"It's insane to send young people, Christians, to Iraq at this time," says Konja. "We're less than 180,000 total in Iraq today -- this is after we invaded Iraq. We were 1.3 - 1.5 million and the ones we have left there are all in refugee camps. This doesn't make sense."

On Friday, the government argued in Judge Goldsmith's courtroom that those detained should face immediate deportation.

"We're looking forward for the judge to give these young people a chance to give their case heard in front of an immigration judge, which is the ultimate goal, and I'm sure that if they hear the facts they are not going to be sending these people back to where they are going to be facing a death sentence," said Konja.

The ACLU, which has filed suit on behalf of those detained, contends doing so cloud  amount to a death sentence.

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