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Residents Deal With Clean-Up After The Storm

ORION TOWNSHIP (WWJ) - The storm trapped Chad Nielson of Orion Township inside his home for about half the day -- after a large tree fell, crushing his mailbox and leaving a live power line down across his driveway.

"Somebody came out here and started cutting up the tree and noticed the power line wrapped around it and decided to move it and sparks shot out of it," said Nielson.

DTE has since removed the line -- there were no injuries. the home across the street is still without power.

Tracy Fust of Orion Township was at home when the storm hit:

"We heard the wind blowing and I said 'you know we really should probably sleep downstairs tonight since we have so many tall trees,' no soon did we get downstairs - we heard - SNAP - BANG - and the call alarm going off," Fust described.

She says a 100 foot pine tree in her back yard came crashing down.

Storm Damage TreeCar 2 (SMcNeill)The tree had come down on top of my Explorer, which is now totalled - it also came down on top of a loaner car from the Ford Dealership up north - which is not in really great shape either and it took out the corner of my garage."

She said she feels fortunate that the tree did not hit the house considering there is only 12 feet between the house and the garage.

Additional information on the storm – including DTE'S Power Outage Map – is available - HERE.


· Don't open refrigerators or freezers more often than absolutely necessary. A closed refrigerator will stay cold for 12 hours. Kept closed, a well-filled freezer will preserve food for two days.

· Turn off or unplug all appliances to prevent an electrical overload when power is restored. Leave on one light switch to indicate when power is restored.

· Always operate generators outdoors to avoid dangerous buildup of toxic fumes.

· If a customer is elderly or has a medical condition that would be adversely impacted by a power outage, they should try to make alternative accommodations with family or friends.

· During low-voltage conditions – when lights are dim and television pictures are smaller – shut off motor-driven appliances such as refrigerators to prevent overheating and possible damage. Sensitive electronic devices also should be unplugged.

· Stay out of flooded or damp basements or other areas if water is in contact with outlets or any electrically-operated appliance. The water or moisture may serve as a conductor of electricity. This can cause serious or even fatal injury.

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