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Researchers Want To Know: Why Would You Stay Friends With Your Ex?

DETROIT (WWJ) - Researchers at Oakland University are taking a new approach to answering the age-old question of whether you can stay friends with an ex lover.

Specifically, researchers want to know, what are the reasons you "do" stay friends with an ex ... and what are the reasons you don't?

They compiled a list of about 200 unique reasons for and against staying friendly with a former flame.

OU Doctoral student Justin Mogilski says that more important than answering the question of "can you stay friends with an ex" — and certainly more interesting from a research standpoint — is why or why wouldn't you?

"Some of the responses that we got were, 'I might stay friends with an ex to continue to have sex with them.' 'I might stay freinds with an ex in hopes that we get back together someday',' Mogilski said. "Or it might be something like, 'I'm lonely and I have no friends.'"

The research is still underway on the "friends with your ex" study, and you can be part of it — completely anonymously, of course.

[Learn more at this link].

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