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Pure Michigan Spoof Predicts Lions Super Bowl LI Champs

"In the year of the apocalypse, the next Super Bowl Champions are your Detroit Lions." It sounds like an idea Detroit football fans can only dream about, but the latest Pure Michigan spoof video is making the prediction now.

Warning! This video contains NSFW language, crude humor targeting Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers as well as President Elect Donald Trump. Click here to watch.

John Kerfoot, the man behind many comedy videos parodying the Pure Michigan tourism campaign has ruthlessly roasted Michigan fans, oggled the beauty of MSU campus women and gone after the men of Royal Oak's nightlife.

Kerfoot hoists up Lions QB Matthew Stafford as a local hero. "His fourth quarter heroics have made him a god to men in Detroit ..." he says in a monotone narration.

With the Lions on top of the NFC North after a bye week, hopes are high in the Honolulu Blue and silver camp. This could be one of those crazy like a fox predictions.


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