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Eastpointe Police Assure Blacks 'There's No Reason To Fear' As Protesters Allege Racism, Brutality

EASTPOINTE (WWJ) - A small protest was held outside the Eastpointe Police Department Monday to address what activists allege was a disturbing example of police brutality.

Eastpointe Police Protest
Frankie Taylor and supported march outside the Eastpointe PD. (Photo: Jon Hewett/WWJ)

In a case that was made public more than a year ago, 39-year-old Frankie Taylor of Warren claims he was strapped to a chair and beaten unconscious by Eastpointe officers after being arrested for suspected drunken driving in August of 2015.

Flanked by about a dozen marching, chanting supporters, Taylor said what they want is justice, long-delayed.

"I've been living with this; I've had these horrible nightmares," Taylor told WWJ's Jon Hewett. "I've got people that's standing up behind me and I'm ready to stand up."

Taylor claims he wasn't immediately taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries, but instead tossed unconscious into a cell. He underwent surgery on his eye three weeks later, and  says he lost some vision as a result of the beating.

Taylor has said he does believe race played a role in officers' handling of the incident, which was caught on video (seen above); and activists last year warned blacks people to avoid traveling through the Detroit-adjacent community.

"It took me two years to do what I'm doing right now — to be able to build up the courage to stand up for not just me, but for everybody that has police brutality did to them," Taylor said.

Addressing the incident with reporters Monday, Eastpointe Deputy Police Chief Eric Keiser said what the public has seen on the news is just a short clip of an event that lasted over an hour.

"The Eastpointe Police Department is not racist, we don't advocate being racist; we treat everybody fairly, with courtesy and respect," Keiser said. "There's no reason to fear coming to Eastpointe and, yeah...That's what you need to know. It's a professional police department."

The police report from that night states that Taylor's blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit; that Taylor was uncooperative, tried to hurt himself, and spit at and attacked officers.

A civil lawsuit is pending; and, due to ongoing litigation, Keiser said he could not comment further. There's no word if disciplinary action was taken against the officers involved.

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