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Homeowner Shoots, Dogs Attack Alleged Intruder In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) - A Detroit homeowner shot and seriously wounded an alleged intruder in her yard Monday, according to police.

The shooter's husband, Leon Jones, said their dogs alerted his 46-year-old wife Stephanie to the intruder as she was getting out of her Jeep early in the morning on Minden Street near 6 Mile Road and Gratiot.

The suspect was apparently hiding in the couple's gated backyard.

"The dogs were letting her know somebody was out there... They were letting her know: be aware, because they were very aggressive out there," Jones said. "I think because of the dogs is why she's here today; because she wouldn't have had a chance to get to her weapon if the dogs didn't let her know he was out there."

Once the intruder was injured, the dogs took over, Jones said.

"When she shot him, the dogs took care of him — pulled him back into the yard on down the side of the house there," he said.

Police said the suspect — a man, who was shot in the chest — was listed critical condition.

Later in the day police were questioning the shooter, whom they confirmed does have her concealed weapons permit.

This isn't the first such incident at their home, Jones said. He said two intruders who'd previously kicked in their door were scared away by their dogs.

Jones said he wife absolutely did the right thing.

"It could've been worse than what it was, because she could've just destroyed him and she wouldn't have been wrong, because he endangered her life right there," Jones said.

The alleged intruder's name was not immediately released as an investigation continues.

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