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Pole Dancing Grows In Popularity As Women Give Fitness Trend A Try

FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) - Pole dancing. Many people associate it with exotic dancers, but more and more women are doing it as a way to get fit and build confidence.

Pole fitness studios are popping up around the area, including Studio 88 in Farmington Hills which was opened by Porchia Lane over six years ago when she was 19 and attended her first class.

"When I went to the class, I was just so amazed at all of the different women from different ages, sizes, background, how they could just come together and be confident," said Lane.

Lane decided to open her business at a time when pole dancing studios were not popular, and she ran into some negative feedback.

"You're opening up a pole dance studio in Farmington Hills, like what are you doing? I really had to go through a lot with the city and just the community to even get things going. I had to get the approval of them," said Lane.

But that didn't stop her. She said her business has grown over the years.

Lauren, who goes by her alter ego "Liquid Gold", is a teacher and student at Studio 88. She said they see all kinds of people come through:

"Book clubs, church groups, a lot of bachelorette and birthday parties. But it's really just the average woman who wants to give it a try and I think we really pride ourselves in making a safe space," said Lauren. "It's definitely not for just young, skinny women. It's for anyone who is brave enough to give it a try."

Lane said she sees women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The oldest woman who's ever taken the class: an 84-year-old. She added that she gets students who are "300 to 400 pounds who could get to the top of the pole and do things you never imagined."

Lane said she believes women are attracted to the class because, not only does it build their core and upper body strength, it builds confidence.

A 23-year-old Studio 88 student, who goes by the alter ego name "Coriander Blackstar", said she has definitely become more confident:

Studio 88 Pole Dancing Fitness
Studio 88 in Farmington Hills offers pole dancing classes as a fun way to workout. (credit: WWJ)
Studio 88 Pole Dancing Fitness
Studio 88 in Farmington Hills offers pole dancing classes as a fun way to workout. (credit: WWJ)

"It helps people trust themselves. I like myself more. You find the limits of what you can do, and you push the limits of what you can do."

Lane doesn't just teach pole dancing at her studio. Classes include Fun Flirty Cardio, Chair Dance, and Ab Blast.

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