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PLM Forum Draws Crowd; CIMdata Releases PLM Market Analysis

ANN ARBOR -- CIMdata Inc., the global Product Lifecycle Management  management consulting and research firm announces the successful completion of its 2013 North American PLM Market & Industry Forum, the first in a series of four global events.

This forum was held in Ann Arbor Tuesday, April 9 with 58 PLM industry participants representing 30 leading global PLM solution providers.

Participants gathered to hear CIMdata's perspective on the state and trends of the PLM market, as well as a detailed discussion of CIMdata's research and viewpoints on the 2012 PLM market results. These included CIMdata's extensive analysis and forecasts regarding market growth across PLM domains, industries, and regions, and the performance (revenue and market share analysis) of leading PLM solution providers.

In CIMdata's annual "State of PLM: Today's Market and Leading Trends" address, Peter Bilello, CIMdata's president, stated that "While the PLM market continued to grow last year, the third and fourth quarters proved to be sluggish for many PLM solution providers. The 'new normal' in the business environment, which requires companies of all shapes, sizes and industries to do more with less, continues to drive industrial companies to pursue and implement PLM strategies."

Bilello added: "The new social-savvy workforce and the manner in which they expect to communicate and collaborate is changing the way companies execute projects. In many ways, product development as we have known it is dying. To support this significant movement, CIMdata has formed a Social Product Development & Collaboration PLM Knowledge Council to research topics of importance to both industrial companies and solution providers."

Commenting on the PLM market in 2012, Stan Przybylinski, CIMdata's vice president of research, said, "The year started out looking to be just as strong in 2012 as it was in 2011, but slowed in the second half, resulting in total revenues below our forecast."

Recent statistics compiled by CIMdata show that the Comprehensive PLM market experienced 11.3 percent growth in 2012 to $33.3 billion.

Added Przybylinski: "Growth moderated in some segments, like mechanical computer-aided design, while simulation and analysis continued its rapid expansion."

A wide range of companies in many industries continued investing in PLM to achieve short-term benefits as well as long-term strategic value throughout the product lifecycle and across their extended enterprises.

"CIMdata has long defined PLM as a strategic imperative to achieving long-term strategic value, and this year's market statistics and our other market research with end user companies still supports that view," Przybylinski said.

In addition, the agenda included sessions on trends in the market based on CIMdata's PLM Knowledge Councils, a set of collaborative research panels, that bring together leading end user companies and PLM solution providers to help advance the state-of-the-art and best practices in emerging product lifecycle management disciplines.

Sessions included "Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration," "Democratizing Simulation to Improve Decision Making," "Changing Decision-Making Dynamics in CAD," "Big Data and PLM," "Visual Decision Making," and "Mobile Applications in PLM."

Other CIMdata forums are scheduled for April 16 in Frankfurt, Germany, April 19 in Beijing, China, and April 24 in Tokyo, Japan.

For more information, please see You can read tweets from the event at #PLM4um.

CIMdata's 2013 PLM Road Map conference, in conjunction with PI Congress, and will take place Oct. 9 and 10 at the Hilton Chicago Indian Lakes Resort.

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