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'Platform Book' Given Structure During Dems Platform Meeting In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) - After a lengthy day of debate and discussion more than 100 Democrats have put the final touches on a 50-page outline known as the 'Platform book'.

The meeting  took place at the Renaissance Center Marriott Hotel in Detroit on Saturday.

Hot button topics such as whether or not to support the legalization of gay marriage were brought up during the final discussion at the Democratic National Conventions (DNC) Platform Meeting.

DNC Platform Committee Co-Chair and Newark New Jersey Mayor, Cory Booker, tells WWJ he's excited that such important topics as the closing of Guantanamo Bay, immigration reform, and supporting the legalization of gay marriage made the list.

"I think it is very significant that you have a President of the United States come out and say enough is enough. I believe in the right of any two Americans citizens to marry," said Booker. "I think that we as a party really embrace the President's ideas on this matter and the platform reflects that."

Booker says the 'Platform book' will now advance to a full vote by delegates at the Democratic National Convention the first week of September in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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