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Pistons Lack Playmakers

The Detroit Pistons' lost 105 to 103 Monday night against the Los Angeles Clippers in a hard fought overtime battle. Though the Pistons' are continuing to improve as a team they are in dire need of an additional playmaker. The Pistons' badly need someone who can distribute the ball and score off the dribble. The only player who can make plays like this consistently is point guard, Reggie Jackson. Steve Blake cannot do it on a nightly basis, and the Pistons should not have to ask a 12 year veteran who's 35 years old to do that. Steve Blake is here to bring veteran savviness to a team that has none, as well as provide leadership to a young roster.

The good news is that Brandon Jennings is coming back from an Achilles tendon injury that caused him to miss time last season. Jennings before Jackson, was an important piece in continuing the rebuilding process for the Pistons. Just how important? Before Jennings went down, he was playing the best ball in his entire pro career, averaging 19.7 points a game with 7 assists. During that time, the Pistons went on a 12-3 stretch, and the case was made that he was the best player on the team. With Jennings set to make his return Christmas day, the Pistons will be positioned for more team wins. Having Jennings provides less pressure for franchise players, Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond. The Clippers won Saturday because they have better playmakers.

In order for this team to continue to win, they will need better play in situational moments. In the NBA, the team that wins is the one that has players who can close out games. The Spurs, Cavs, and Warriors, all have players who have great playmaking ability. This Christmas, the Pistons wish list consists of adding an additional playmaker to their team. Good thing for them Brandon Jennings is the present already wrapped under the tree.

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