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Picture Bright For Job Seekers With MBAs In Detroit

An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, prepares those interested in pursuing executive-level or senior-level management positions in a wide variety of industries.

An MBA is an advanced graduate degree which generally covers different areas of business, with focus on finance, marketing and management. The courses allow those in the program to apply practical knowledge and training in order to gain an increased understanding of the business world.

Entering into an MBA program will prepare graduates for management careers in a multitude of fields. Investment banking, mergers and acquisitions and technology are some fields that graduates may enter. Those that hold MBAs may also choose to become hedge fund managers, venture capitalists or consultants. Corporate finance or entering a private equity firm are other options.

Jobs that require an MBA are in demand in the Detroit Metro area and include working in upper-level management at one of the major automobile companies, within the field of banking or finance, information technology or consulting. Specific jobs include two of the big three seeking MBA graduates. For example, a connectivity strategy and planning analyst is wanted at Ford Motor Company and a global advertising analyst at General Motors. The finance sector is looking for a market risk manager at Flagstar Bank. Deloitte in Detroit is filling positions for a wide array of management jobs including an opening for an analyst in business technology, a senior technology consultant  and a human capital analyst.

A Master of Business Administration is one aspect of building a successful career. The distinction of obtaining an MBA gives job seekers an advantage. A graduate degree will stand out in a competitive employment market. It can accelerate a planned career path and offer an edge in a specific field. It may also serve as a strategic way to update skills for entry into a new field.

According US News & World Report, "M.B.A. Hiring Continues to Grow," data collected indicates "employment among MBA grads is highest since before the recession."

Working within companies who seek MBA holders can be challenging and rewarding. Employers expect MBAs to become leaders who introduce new strategies and share innovative ideas. Collaborating with peers and guiding parts of the team is an important aspect of this position. Often, MBAs are used to reorganize and streamline the corporate structure.

After receiving a BA in Photography from Savannah College of Art & Design, Nicole Wrona began working with a diverse range of musicians. In addition, she is a freelance writer for numerous publications. Her work can be found at

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