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Photographer Finds Light, Survival In 'Detroit: Unbroken Down'

DETROIT (WWJ) - Tired of seeing all those photos of burned out abandoned buildings in Detroit?

So was a Detroit born photographer who's behind a popular exhibition called Detroit: Unbroken Down in New York.

Dave Jordano tells WWJ's Marie Osborne that he's seen enough of the 'ruin porn' coming out of Detroit.

"I just was getting an ill feeling about seeing all this work in Detroit, because I'm sort of from there originally and grew up there, and I just felt there was an element of, a human connection that was missing," said Jordano.

Dave Jordano, United Photo Industries Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Dave Jordano.

"I wanted to photograph people, photograph neighborhoods and show that there was life and pace and activity within the city that a lot of people had been ignoring," he said.

Jordano tells WWJ's Marie Osborne that he has spent the last four years traveling every corner of the city, taking photos of people surviving in a struggling city.

Dave Shelley, co-owner of United Photo Industries in Brooklyn, says Detroit: Unbroken Down was the biggest opening in the galleries history.

"Dave's reputation, the quality of the work and the fact that Detroit is on everyone's mind. Everyday, every article I read - everybody is moving from New York to Detroit," said Shelley. "There's a kinship between Detroit and Brooklyn."

"We've gotten over ten thousand hits just on his section alone on our website," said Shelley. "

You can find more information about Detroit: Unbroken Down HERE.

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