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Oz Investigates: The New Pork Rules: How To Eat Pork Now

For the first time in 50 years, the USDA is allowing pork companies to hire their own agents to complete slaughterhouse inspections, a responsibility that used to fall solely on the government.  Today, Dr. Oz investigates the new rules for pork and how they will affect what you're buying at the supermarket.  Our experts break down what to eat, how to shop, and how to cook pork and bacon, so it's healthier than ever before!




Plus, Emmy-nominated host Carrie Ann Inaba opens up to Dr. Oz about some of her darkest days on and off camera, and the moment she says changed her life forever. Then, The Dish crew, Daphne Oz and Jamika Pessoa, show you how to dress up your favorite foods to look like something else, including a pizza-stuffed burger.


The Dr. Oz Show ep 11-025
The Dr. Oz Show Season 11 ep. #025



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