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Oz Investigates: The Big Bacon Shortage? The Panic Heard 'Round The World

Troubling reports about a potential shortage of bacon have sent pork lovers into a panic!  Today, Dr. Oz investigates if there is any truth behind the headlines and what it could mean for our bacon-loving nation.  We take a closer look at where these rumors started and how the global demand could affect meat prices going forward.  And, our experts offer new bacon alternatives to try in the meantime.

Plus, Dr. Oz continues to investigate CBD and one of its biggest claims that it can help alleviate pain. From ingestible options like oils and gummies to topical lotions and even bath bombs, these products promise to help you recover and repair faster.  We conduct our own survey of these products and reveal what works and what doesn't.

Then, The Dish crew is serving up carb-free, keto-approved recipes for every January diet!

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