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Oz Exclusive: Wendy Williams One-On-One

Today, an intimate conversation with Wendy Williams about how she's called on the "Power of 1" to overcome life's challenges and truly gain her freedom.  After a tough year, Wendy is opening up to Dr. Oz about living with a chronic and painful disorder and how she is making her health a priority.

The Dr. Oz Show, episode 11003.
The Dr. Oz Show Season 11, episode 11003.

Plus, how she is leaving the drama of the past year behind her.

Then, Dr. Oz and "Super Size Me" creator, Morgan Spurlock, ask the question: Is fast-food chicken a healthier option?  We follow the chicken from the farm to the fast-food restaurant and reveal how you can avoid being duped by industry tricks.  And, we give you an exclusive sneak peek at Spurlock's new documentary "Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken"!

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