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Oxford Shooting: Expert Response On Hostility, Gun Violence In Schools

(CBS DETROIT) - All Oxford Community Schools are closed for the remainder of the week as the community begins to unpack this tragedy.

Wednesday grief counselors were on site assisting families.

As more details about the investigation unfolds, law enforcement officials are stressing the importance of speaking up to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again.

"Nicholas Cruz, Michigan and you know Sandy Hook, and Columbine and when we take a look at all of this its just not supposed to happen," said Criminologist and St. Thomas University Criminal Justice Professor Dr. Debbie Goodman.

Tuesday's fatal shooting at Oxford High School prompted the discussion on how to respond to hostile situations, like an active shooter.

If, and when chaos occurs, Dr. Goodman says schools should have a course of action for kids to follow.

"It seems they were extremely positioned to know what to do," Goodman explained, in reference to a social media video showing a class responding to the active shooter.

See video here: 

"They barricaded themselves in their classrooms. They took the appropriate measures. You know our teachers of course had to stay calm and professional and that's not easy."

Dr. Goodman recommends school administrators and law enforcement agencies to strategize with both students and parents about protective measures.

This includes taking threatening social media activity and behaviors seriously.

"Something of this magnitude, we need to be mindful, all K-12, colleges and universities, I maintain, still need to be in an alert status for anything that doesn't look right, sound right, feel right," Goodman said.

Oxford Community Schools officials say grief counselors will return Thursday and Friday.

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