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Over 200 Kids Possibly Exposed After Lifetime Fitness Camp Counselor Contracts Bacterial Meningitis

DETROIT (WWJ) - Oakland and Macomb County Health officials were scrambling Wednesday night to handle a case of bacterial meningitis.

George Miller, Director of Health and Human Services of Oakland County, said a Lifetime Fitness Day camp employee in Rochester Hills was diagnosed with the infection and was likely exposed to an estimated 219 children, ages five to 12.

"Again, for those parents in particular who were at the camp, they are at the highest risk, that's the ones we are concerned about right now," says Miller, "and that's why we are contacting them immediately to make sure they get to a physician - to be assessed at this time."

The people who may have had contact with this person, who authorities will not identify because of laws protecting personal health information, may include those who attended day camp or were known to have worked with the affected individual.

The dates of contact are between July 1 - July 11.

"The disease is not spread through casual contact or by simply being in the same room as an infected person," said Kathy Forzley, health officer of the Health Division. "A person must have direct contact with an infected person's saliva or nasal secretions. If exposed, the incubation period is one to ten days."

Persons who may have been exposed could begin to develop symptoms of meningococcal disease at any time up until 7/21/2016. Although the risk of disease is low, the individuals above are advised to be alert for signs of meningococcal disease. These include, but are not limited to a sudden onset of fever, headache, stiff neck, confusion, and sometimes a rash.

If any of these signs or symptoms should develop, the individual should be taken immediately to a physician or emergency room to be evaluated for possible meningococcal disease.

"Bacterial meningitis is a serious illness that can develop quickly but can also be prevented through antibiotics after exposure," said Dr. Pamela Hackert, chief of medical services for the Health Division.

"People who have been contacted by Life Time Fitness and told that they have potentially been a contact to this case should receive antibiotics immediately."

Parents or staff members who have any questions may contact Oakland County's Nurse on Call from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at 800-848-5533 or For more information about bacterial meningitis, go to

This woman lives in Macomb County and health officials say people involved with the counselor will be contacted and are advised to seek assessment and possibly a course of antibiotics.

More information about meningitis from the Cleveland Clinic. 

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